No one wants to think of leaving loved ones behind, but it’s irresponsible not to talk to an estate or probate lawyer while you are still able. The best way to provide for loved ones after your death is to be prepared. By talking to an attorney about a Last Will and Testament, guardianship agreements, and even updating pre-or post-nuptials, you can save loved ones the pressure and burden of making life-altering decisions in the wake of a loss. That’s where a Tyler probate lawyer comes in handy.

What is probate?

Probate is the process of managing and finalizing a person’s estate after they die. The deceased person’s assets are collected to pay their outstanding debts. After this, the rest of the assets are distributed among the deceased’s beneficiaries. As one might imagine, this can be an extremely delicate process. In looking for the right probate lawyer, it’s important to find someone who is sensitive to the complexity of family dynamics.

While a large law firm may focus on numbers over names, small law firms such as Vance E. Hendrix in Tyler, Texas capitalize on cultivating real relationships with their clients and attribute their success to word-of-mouth marketing by happy clients.

Does everyone need a Last Will and Testament?

Not everyone chooses to draft a Last Will and Testament, although that may speak more to humans denying their mortality than the actual utility of a Will. It should be noted, though, that without a Will, the probate proceedings become much more complex. For someone with few assets or family members, asset protection may seem like a silly formality. However, it can save loved ones from a financial headache or worse– a disagreement or a falling out.

Most people would like to think that their loved ones would never stoop so low as to fight over money, but it only takes one death in the family to surprise you. A Last Will and Testament in place is a perfect way to provide for your family, even after your death.

How can I provide for my loved ones?

Many probate lawyers also specialize in estate planning or family law. Some additionally have experience in business and real estate law, which is helpful when administering an estate. Probate courts have tough rules and deadlines. This means it helps to have someone that specializes in the probate process and outlying family issues.

It’s a good idea to have a probate and estate lawyer that you can trust. You should also update all documents after major life events. By taking control of the distribution of assets preemptively, you can take control of your legacy. If you need to discuss your end-of-life plans, contact Tyler probate lawyer Vance Hendrix today.


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